You can likely survive just fine buying homogeneous arrays of matched drives. I mean, geez, read the forums. Many of them cannot afford to be building excessive amounts of backup and redundancy into their systems, and have come to FreeNAS in order to protect their data with ZFS. The Google study showed a REALLY impressive correlation for drives from certain batches failing in groups; you can of course ignore that and you’re probably okay, unless you happen upon one of those bad batches, in which case you are totally screwed. I’m trying to sound “more informed than I actually am”?

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I think if I keep each ZFS volume on its own controller, things will be fine. I just checked, and I’m running the latest motherboard bios version.

As far as it not working, just make sure you buy it from a place with a good return policy. Some of these guys are buying drive chassis like the Norco, and at that point, it’s definitely worth looking at doing anything and everything you can to protect your data.

Anyone have anythoughts on this? I also ordered another non-raid sata controller so I can add more drives. I have a gigabyte m68mt-2sp motherboard with an AMD phenom x2 3. Riccardo 2 9. Sign up using Facebook. This is not new or unusual advice. I have a “combative attitude”? WHO 1 ville, Unixland. It’s mentioned all the time. You can 3are survive just fine buying homogeneous arrays of matched drives.


raid – 3Ware S – Do spare disks spin when not used – Server Fault

Please enlighten us as to how this is relevant. I might have to just give up and get a 12 port 3wareorbut I’m concerned that if the 12 port s isn’t compatible with this motherboard, maybe a new one won’t be either? But out of the population of arrays that are made out of Barracudas, you are likely to have an artificially high rate of data loss, 3wsre some sets of drives are statistically more prone to fail.

Yes, my password is: Yes, when you purchase an enterprise array and you allow the vendor to define what gets 3waer into it, that’s what you get.

3ware S Specs – CNET

But big customers can and do do it. I haven’t been able to find a 8 port rosewill to replace the rc card.

I’d like to end up around 10TB. I called 3ware, they said the firmware is the latest there is. As a FreeBSD developer, see http: Truth is, whether you, I, or anyone likes it – these shelves of disk that are installed by major array vendors sometimes many racks’ worth are usually supplied 3wware a single disk vendor’s run of disks from a particular batch.

When you get that far, that is. That is simply how it is in the industry and you can’t get around it.


I’m well known in the FreeBSD community for disk related stuff. This is really looking like it would be a big kludge, a motherboard controller and two additional but differant controllers. Do you already have an account?

3ware 9500s -12

It’s that same sort of thing. I suppose you hadn’t noticed that they also push really heavily for you to buy backup systems and second sets of storage and all sorts of things if you want “additional reliability. This is a simple thing to do to encourage reliability and 3waee.

The ‘s used to work really nicely with FreeBSD. Sold a bunch of those, though, we made heavy use of them in a drive chassis design that a bunch of Usenet providers adopted as the cheapest way to store large quantities of data. I’ve learned from both of you and I’m making progress and moving forward.

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