Where for the discussion here, L , C , R , and G are the transmission line’s distributed or, per-unit-length inductance, capacitance, resistance, and conductance. Theyre the bomb and work with the or so drivers on ni. If you find this software to be especially useful, please write me a note to let me know, or acknowledge it in your paper or thesis. It turns out that for typical transmission line geometries, at low voltages, the dielectric leakage remains incredibly small, so we may continue neglecting G. Position the cursor over the value entry box, then scroll the wheel up or down to adjust. Copy Pasta’d it into the core program and it worked.

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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Upon launching the software, if everything is configured correctly, measurements will begin immediately. You can try this driver: Sometimes it is of use to repeat the fit after manual adjustment, as the outcome of the fit might be different given a new starting guess. For example, make sure that shunt resistances are set to a high value. Software for controlling Agilent instruments from a PC.

Agilent 和NI GPIB卡驱动共用问题解决_图文_百度文库

For information regarding self maintenance of this product, please contact your Agilent of? See Figure 6, Figure 7, and Figure 8. A agioent internet search for properties of RG58 cabling suggests that the value of f T for this line should be around 20 kHz.


If you find this software to be especially useful, please write me a note to let me know, or acknowledge it in your paper or thesis. This is particularly relevant when measuring high-leakage devices, or forward-biased diodes. The objective is to select the circuit model best approximating the measured impedance, and then to adjust the parameter values to obtain optimal agreement between model and measurement data.

This will help establish accurate values for the impedance and electrical length of the line. If your system includes NI Prior sweep data can be loaded or pasted to enable graphing or analysis of the measurements. I know they dont tend to labvisw very nicely together.

How do i program GPIB devices in Labview using and agilent B

Sorry I won’t be of much help to whoever has the same issue. Fitting the sweep data to a circuit model can reveal the effective topology of a complex circuit, or produce an accurate equivalent model of a component or subcircuit for use with computer simulation.

RF, Microwave, Antennas and Optics:: You may use this software for free, for non-commercial purposes only, on as many computers as you want, for as long wgilent you see fit; however, you may not sell this software, include it in a product, or offer it for download on your web site.

The software, recognizing the change in measurement type, will clear the existing data from memory, effectively truncating the sweep range.

It should be noted that the above considerations are at best a first-order approximation; there are numerous other factors that lead to frequency-dependent characteristic impedance of a transmission line. The PC is the c. I recommend 50 mV or less. I get the following error “??? Related Literature Please refer to the publication below for further information.


The screenshot above shows the data acquired when measuring a commercial TVS diode. Labvidw normal good conductors and normal high frequencies of interest to the RF engineer, the R and G terms can be safely neglected to labviww the familiar equation:.

I talked to HP’s agilent tech support, and they could not do it So far. Can you post a screen shot of the device in MAX? I will make sure to do this in the future, even if this doesn’t solve my problem. Non-NI adapters may require additional software drivers or configuration steps.

Are you able to assign a VISA alias to it? Then, specify the criteria for the fit. You will need to perform additional measurements to determine the actual bias applied to samples in cases where there is non-negligible DC conductivity.

Plz let me know if there is any