Do one of the following: Chapter 3 Mobile Manager Using the pull-down menu and toolbar The following topics show the commands available from the Mobile Manager pull-down menu and toolbar. The laws of information theory tie frequency, radiated power and distance together in an inverse relationship. You can click Start button to begin the link test and click Stop button at any time to terminate the test. Frame Error Transmitted – The number of frames that were not successfully transmitted. Customer Reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Description — This field is optional, you can use it to provide more details about this configuration.

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You then click the Apply button to create your encryption keys. Unauthorized antenna, modification, or attachments could damage the transmitter and may violate FCC regulations. Choose the type of configuration that you want to create and click Next. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

WDS wireless distribution system support The WLg acts as a bridge to extend network coverage Cost-saving The WLg not only acts as a wireless client but also turns your notebook into a wireless AP. Unlicensed means free of charge to users.

This makes access point channel assignment much easier and significantly increases the throughput the wireless LAN can deliver within a given area. Some vendors refer to this level of WEP as 40 bits and others refer to asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g as 64 bits.


Bad link quality or bad signal strength There are two possible reasons. Mobile Manager — Launches Mobile Manager application.

Direct sequence spread spectrum devices spread a radio signal over a range of frequencies. If you did not save the configuration settings, you will be prompted to do so. Client A client is the desktop or mobile PC that is connected to your network.

Broadband A type of data transmission asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g which a single medium such as cable carries several channels of data at once.

If you still cannot connect after completing the ,an instruction, click the second box to reveal a second step. It allows quick access to some of the most useful features of Mobile Manager. Asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g receiver sensitivity for best-in-class ranges. TCP allows a process or one machine to send a stream of data to a process on another. Select Logon and restore network connections to logon to all shared network drives when the user logs into Windows.

You only need to set this once, and then easily asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g configurations when you change your location. Using Mobile Manager – Quick Guide 1. If you still cannot connect after completing the first instruction, click the first box to reveal a second step. Phone Number Specify area code, telephone number, and country code for this connection.

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Control Center asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g automatically when the system boots. Click Save button to save all the changes you have made without closing the Edit Configuration dialog box.


In this environment, the access point not only provides communication with the wired network but also mediates wireless network traffic in the immediate neighborhood. Ethernet is normally a shared media LAN meaning all devices on the network segment share total bandwidth. This process allows all of the computers on your home network to use one IP address.

Asus WL-107g 802.11g Wireless CardBus Adapter Windows Drivers, Utility

Workgroup — Type asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g existing workgroup name or create a new workgroup by typing a new name that contains up to 15 characters. Explore your wireless networking topology with ease Live Update: Superior performance in real-world operating environments even in presence of other wireless LAN, Bluetooth TM devices and microwave oven interference.

This is useful to speed up the transfer of information. Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Each high-speed carrier is 20 MHz wide and is broken up into 52 subchannels, each approximately KHz wide.

WLg | Networking | ASUS USA

If you enable DNS, fill the following parameters. Preamble Allows you to set the preamble mode for a network to Long, Short, or Auto. Auto — The adapter will adjust to the most suitable transmission rate.