My Carsoft will read the following modules on my E Those USB-Serial cables can be very tricky. You will have to do a single diagnosis on each module with an error code and clear the errors that way. I have tried everything. I already have the following: The “Crack” folder that you used may be incomplete. I tried with another laptop, same issue

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Close Carsoft and try opening the program again.

CarSoft + USB Converters?

I have installed the software using Vista procedureso carsof so good. Maybe I’m an idiot for doing this on my own but I have heard of a few guys who have done this. So my question is: Thanks drakar The notes I used are attached below and are long and some may think a bit tedious – but the program does work! Do you want to activate now?

The MID is only a display. Before i had an adaptator, and half of the modules didn’t respond. Check all the fuses in your car and attempt a diagnostic again. The service advisor they gave me had a personality of a goat. Carsofy don’t need to do it just now.


Everytime I click the icon to open the software from my desktop, I receive a window “Your program is not activated.

But maybe my car was on the fritz any ways because i was having issues. You may have a blown fuse or faulty cable.

By default, most usb-serial adapters are set to COM4. I have to say Carsoft is very cool. Seems like bimmerforums has the big kahuna of a thread http: Since I don’t have an alarm system, rain or light sensors I think that is the full compliment.

I hope I don’t screw anything up. When I press the “Activate Protection” box, I get another Carsoft message that reads “Copy protection parameter changing.

BMW Carsoft everything you should know to make it work – Mighty Car Mods Official Forum

I bought the baskets last year and I am also waiting to install them. You could either stop here and change the port in carsoft to match that or A message will appear telling you that this process can only be performed when the computer re-starts and asking you to confirm whether you wish this to occur.


Thanks for your help: Will let you know drakar Since my laptop is “newer” under “Device Manager”, the “Ports” section does not exist. Thanks I will wipe out the Carsoft and re-try it and I will let you know how it worked out.

Three laptops and a desktop, but I still cant make any headway.


The PA is just a basic fault read or clear job. If so any recommended sellers?

This thread is strictly for people having problems connecting to car or carsoft software, or computer problems related to it. Looks like the table in German does.

So, what needed is a table of which modules apply to which models and years as a quick reference. Delete isb icon for version 6. D Orphee