Give top priority to this job. For example, you can combine covers and chapter head pages created in a page layout application with text pages created in a word processing application, or customize a slide presentation by inserting slides from a different presentation graphics application. Make sure to save the merged job before deleting any of the jobs you used to create the merged job. When you finish making changes, see Exiting Setup on page In the following list of options, default values, where applicable, appear in brackets. If you would like to view the session again or share it, please access the recording of the webinar.

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Lowercase letters are not allowed, except in the Comment field. The Fiery X3eTY has a remote printer name you must use in order to communicate with it successfully.

Drivers for manufacturers Konica Minolta to Printers

Before editing or merging raster files with the thumbnail windows, make sure that the source files were RIPped using the print option settings that you want for the final output. Whenever you change the configuration of the Fiery X3eTY, copier, or network at your site, alter the settings to correspond to the changed environment.


Select Output for RGB jobs that you print to the final output device. User name The name of the user who sent the job currently processing.

For more information, see Print Options. Output Profile Default profile Specify the default output profile to use for printing. If not, a warning message alerts you to install the Service Pack.


The time appears on the Job Log. Enter the server name that will appear on the network. Specify how often to delete scan jobs from the Fiery X3eTY hard disk.

Hold, process, and print jobs.

This is especially important for Windows printing, also known as SMB printing. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More 50c-mm. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the More information.


Because the Hold queue is a storage area, jobs sent to it cannot proceed through the printing process until the operator intervenes using the ls management tools. Hold down Ctrl and click to select multiple jobs. Before using the Fiery X3e Color Server with version 1. Enter your login name or select guest. To be available to applications, the screen fonts must remain in the System Folder: Change the priority of jobs.

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It does not explain network functions for printing in general. The Fiery X3eTY cancels the job before printing begins.

This manual describes various functions More information. Specify the protocol used to communicate with the incoming mail server. We cannot be held liable More information.

Preview the page content of a job. When two network ports are enabled, print s3ety can be received over all ports at the same time.

Before you can retrieve a scanned file, you must know the name or number of the mailbox where the scanned file is located. Unpublished rights reserved under the. For information about setting up a Windows computer for Windows printing, see Printing from Windows and the documentation that accompanies Windows.

Drivers >>> Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V2.01 driver

Select Top-Bottom for duplex double-sided printing with the back side upside down. This document describes how. Command WorkStation, Windows Edition allows fidry to do the following: No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored More information.