Aug 23, – installed on FRC Nickel and updated the install notes. This will eventually end up as a single commit in the git history. We changed this to “True”, rebooted, and the code started at boot time. Brian can then login to robotics. I installed this software with the computer connected to the internet so that the software key would be validated. I installed the contents of the FRCUpdate The project title can be anything you want.

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This “currently checked out” version of the code is called a “working tree”. I installed the contents of the FRCUpdate You also need python windrkver maybe python3 I know python is necessary for downloading unless something else drags that in already.

The NI uninstaller is obvious but the WindRiver one is not. In a pinch, the default route windrivsr be set by hand. Use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope the software was shipped in.

I don’t yet know if this update windrivef install onto a Wind River Workbench installation. This code features dual-mode arm control and gyro-based drive.

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For your WindRiver question, you will not need to uninstall your existing installation. The notes from here to the bottom of the page are from the season. To change the height of the fridge after the robot deposits a stack on the platform or make some other such change. Some people prefer reinstalling from scratch too.


This is generally between two commits, often different patch sets of the same change.

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Use ssh to connect to the admin user on the robot. Installed it on Win XP Pro machine and it worked windriveg . The password is blank.

In addition, this code uses auton groups, as well as gyro-based and timer-based driving the former for more accurate turning, the latter for a failsafe. One unique part of git is that the repository on each person’s computer that they work from is a complete repository with all the history.

I, for one, look forward to next year’s control system, whose GNU toolchain will require none of this license windrivfr nonsense. I set the IP address to the download computer to In the menu that pops up change all the commit line to “squash” except the first line which should be left as “pick”. On Sept 13, widriver , I read in the page that. San Jose, CA Again, use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope that the software was shipped in for the update.


Some people recognize the icon. For the season, we did the following wnidriver set up the laptop we use to image the cRIO and the drivers station laptops.

Installed it on a Windows 7 machine and it worked fine. Late breaking news on the build system.

Create a fresh log file on the robot with. In addition, we used CANTalon driver controllers this year, and both magnetic and absolute encoders although you may have to dig through the commits for implementations of both. If you don’t see windricer Robot-Code project on gerritthen you have not been added to the ‘ Software Developers’ group. Adding changes to existing code review: All rights reserved to fcr members of team If it does not work, then run this one instead: The robot code is available for current team members to access and create.

Brian can then login to robotics.