A problem that cannot be solved by the Flextouch software. I am really satisfied with the scans the Epson produces, and there is also the aspect of owning a brand new product with respects to product guarantees, service, parts and support. It takes a lot more lines per mm from the scanner to resolve a certain amount of lines in a piece of film properly. The first fundamental difference between a Flextight and a Nikon is the design of the negative holders. The Imacon will absolutely put the Nikon to shame.

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The test is a pixel-high section of a Flextight scan and a pixel-high section of a Polaroid scan left side of the building. Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

Been mailing to and fro with Denmark over my scanner issue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here For over twice as much money it should!

I was under impression that the place in Denmark was still servicing Flextight II scanners. I have done side by side tests of an Imacon IV better than a and my and there is not much in it – the is slightly sharper and the IV has slightly different shadow representation different lmacon better The big advantage of the is ICE dust removal.


Imacon Flextight Photo ?? –

All times are GMT Just ask them, they are very kind. Talking about shame, have a look at another comparison I made: Unless you wanna sell me yours?

This light source can be adjusted flestight intensity as necessary to penetrate dense negatives. Erik, I can’t seem to find the original images in this discussion, but you will get white dots in an Imacon scan or any scan for that matter if sharpening is cranked way up. I was told that it was imported from the US so it might imacno be such a wait and less costly for the US folk to get the power supply.

This article will address the operational differences between a model and a Nikon Coolscan medium-format scanner. Skip to main content. I was happy with the Epson for printing up to 30x30cm MF.

Imacon Flextight [343]: odi et amo

I’ll scan some tomorrow. Until it shuts down spontaneously. November 9, at I am currently scanning my medium format films on an Epson V, and for my use I am perfectly happy with the results that I am achieving. Originally Posted by eckart Yes Bjorn, there is a place in Danmark, look here http: The ones available in Ebay are all without power supply, so they are just expensive pile of scrap metal. The Epson V and are limited by their optics. Finally, the Flextight is dead-quiet when running, which is a lot more than I can say for the rat-tat-tat-tat of stepper-motor driven units.


This is true of the cheapest Photo all the way up to the The big difference between a Nikon and a Flextight comes in the focusing. First let me clarify, whenever the scanner does scan, it scans fine. The fierce style in which most Imacon owners defend their choice really makes me think. The Imacon will absolutely put the Nikon to shame.

You’ll need a computer that’s about the same age as the scanner for scsi and scanning software. Don’t get me wrong, the Imacon scanners are excellent until you have problems.

Yes Bjorn, there is a place in Danmark, look here http: Let us know how it goes. The image shown on http: Page 1 of 2. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: