In general, Message-Based devices typically contain some level of local intelligence that uses or requires a high level of communication. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. It is a high-level driver that calls the lower-level drivers for each instrument. By choosing a PC-based MXI approach, you are choosing to add value to your VXI instrumentation systems by using technologies that make sense from both a cost and performance perspective. This configuration offers the smallest physical size for a VXI system as well as performance benefits due to direct connection to the VXI backplane. Improvements in computer and measurement technology have made it possible for innovative companies to provide high-performance products packaged for the PXI platform. Using the Parsing property page, you can quickly specify parsing tasks so that data is returned to your program in a usable format.

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The protocol is called word serial, because if you want to communicate with a Message-Based device, you do so by writing and reading bit words one at a time to and from the Data In write Data Low and Data Out read Data Low hardware registers located on the device itself. This hardware scheme is the same as that used by embedded VXI controllers.

Short Tutorial on VXI

Each MXI signal line is twisted with its own ground line. The VXIbus specification adds the standards necessary to combine the VMEbus with GPIB to create a new, modular instrumentation platform that can meet the needs of future instrumentation applications.

This application note is divided into two tutorial sections. Furthermore, the parsing mechanisms that many VXI vendors continued to implement on the modules did not deliver the performance benefit that VXI could offer. In addition to being a high-performance platform, PXI also vxk easy integration of modules because of the common software framework that all PXI modules implement. Without the Number Parser task, you would parse the string to retrieve each ASCII-represented number and convert it to a real numeric type.


VXI is used in many different applications ranging from test and measurement and ATE, to data acquisition and analysis in both research and industrial automation. For example, the following Visual Basic code labviee event queuing for the VxiVmeInterrupt event so that when this event occurs, it is placed ,abview a queue rather than calling its event procedure: Because of the VXI configuration registers, which are required for all VXI devices, the system can identify each VXI device, its type, model and manufacturer, address space, and memory requirements.

Industry Adoption of PXI The need for a modern computer-based modular architecture that can integrate traditional measurement capabilities with machine vision, motion control, and automation resulted in the quick adoption of PXI as an industry standard.

Short Tutorial on VXI – National Instruments

PXI defines a modular controller architecture that separates the instrumentation-specific elements of PXI from the controlling computer in order to reduce costs. Internally there are 48 single-ended, twisted-pair signal lines. The rest of this application note explains how to use the property pages to select the resource and communication properties, test communication, and parse data from the instrument, as well as how to programmatically control communication through the simplified API.

Learn more about our privacy policy. However, other PXI users do not have to pay for unnecessary features.

Back to top Your Feedback! MXI interconnects multiple devices using a flexible cabling method similar labvifw GPIB, but uses a hardware memory-mapped communication scheme that eliminates the software overhead.


VXI has proven to be an effective technology to integrate large test systems. The MXIbus is a powerful, high-speed communication link vci interconnects devices using a flexible cabling scheme.

VXI Triggers

Many older VXI chassis required the user to jumper these signals across empty slots and so an incorrectly configured chassis may cause a problem. The MXIbus does not degrade the performance of the devices connected to it.

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Learn more about labvieew privacy policy. MXI provides you with a solution that combines the performance benefits of an embedded VXI computer with the flexibility of a general-purpose desktop computer. You will also have to consult your PC’s documentation to verify that bus mastering is supported. It is important to understand what Block Data Rate means to your application.

This benchmark is easy for vendors to isolate and measure under ideal conditions. VXI has more than products available.

VXI Data Acquisition Configuration and Installation – National Instruments

Servants can communicate asynchronous status and events to their Commander through hardware interrupts or by writing specific messages signals directly to their Commander’s hardware Signal Register. The string might look something like WFM3. The backplane is required to be a single, monolithic board across any one slot.

Software is the key to developing successful systems based on the VXIbus. Any VXI module has one and only one Commander.