The Adaptive Channel Scanning didn’t help. This is a very unfortunate omission. That is to say, they bring the video into the computer to be manipulated, or recorded, before being output to a monitor or TV. Unfortunately, the sound doesn’t have high frequencies. The small plug on the end is for the Infra-read sensor that goes along with the included remote control. When we started it we got the following warning:

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Snapshot is realized differently. No mention of which DVD media can or cannot be used, or whether rewritable media can be used. The line-in is removed, and it’s possible to get the audio signal only through sound card’s AUX-in. Also, I couldn’t find any signs of the Channel Surf function. A similar solution was used in the Leadtek WinFast Cinema, but that time the reason was different.

The specs are standard. Does this all sound too good to be true?

Leadtek WinFast TV Expert TV&FM Tuner Review

According to your letters I underestimated this function. All the stations were found, that is why the tuner has good sensitivity. The one who can find “Open files” button can be considered a very observant person: Doesn’t sound too difficult you say? But most users won’t notice such subtle nuances. Lezdtek 3Digests Video cards: Secondly, the NetMeeting allows remote users watch TV in case of good connection. I didn’t expect to peadtek the 3. But I personally prefer the image on the Philips based tuners.


Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The separate multi-language quick setup guide is not a whole lot of help either. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Leadtek WinFast Tv2000 XP RM TV Tuner

Here’s a brief comparison table For more detailed information see the description in pdf. The logic is interesting. Let’s see if the expectations come true. Configuring The configuration menu is a bit complicated at first sight because the driver for internal tuners is installed together with programs and in the Winfast Entertainment Center section. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about the ainfast unit, but Wingast think that it’s based on a good circuit design from Philips like in other company’s products.

For the record, it’s ‘TV XP series model 3.

There’s no mini-jack, that is why you leartek need a mini-jack-2 RCA adapter. If it’s still not enough, you can enter a channel frequency manually.

On the other hand, you can capture files in jpeg at x Well, never too much of a good thing.


Microsoft’s MPEG4 codec is also included into the pack. This PCI card has ambitions to replace your VCR, with video recording straight to DVD, timeshifting and an assortment of other goodies made for a computerized home theater setup.

Capture and additional features Timeshiftingthe peculiar way of realization of Picture-In-Picture and capture profile editing were discussed last 0200. Also included in the bundle are an analog audio cable for outputting sound directly from the TVXP to a soundcard, an FM wire antenna, the aforementioned infrared sensor with a decently long cable and a short cable with both S-Video and RCA inputs for bringing non-coaxial TV signals and audio into the TVXP.

Sensitivity can be broadly changed.

Dinfast didn’t get highs in the FM mode either. First of all, it is a consistent operation of Leadtek’s software with MPEG4, though it’s not mentioned anywhere.