It replaced permanently SoundBlaster I had before. Hello, Kindly help me with the download. The Control Panel would’nt let me make the switch after Sonar was open. Beagle the driver works with Sonar 8 it’s the same driver I have with my delta 44 , but he has sonar 8. Would have been nice to have had Wave Table Synthesis too but, hey this card is already out of the park without it. I use it mainly with Elektrik Piano live.

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Your really not giving us any infomation to work with. I purchased this card because it was affordable and it and it allowed me to connect both my Midi controller before usb midi controllers were popular as well as my turn table.

Hello, at the time of my purchase, internally it was the highest score: If anyone has experience with the later versions of Sonar Producer and the compatibility of the audiophile drivers, I’d like to hear what you have to say. Dave Max Output Level: Community-powered support for M-Audio.

Yeah, the previous owners of the M-Audio Delta product line Avid, I think made some Windows 7 maybe 8 and 10 too compatible drivers, but didn’t really do much in the way or writing up any dekta for them.


User reviews: M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 – Audiofanzine

OTOH if you still have problems, then drlta suggests a general system configuration issue. Other than that, it seemed everything else functioned fine.

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It’s worth a shot. Does it work with other apps? M-audip it’s advisable to keep that running and use that for your main Windows sound out. Notation, the original DAW. I don’t remember exactly how much latency I encountered with this card I do remember that whatever latency i did experience wasn’t enough to hurt my music creating experience especially with the use of ASIO4ALL. SP2 uses version 5. I would do this choice: Grem Max Output Level: I was looking for m-aaudio good sound card cheap, powerful enough audlophile the small home studio and has the midi interface.

What are your settings? I notice that your input is grayed out like so many of us notice. Beginners Value For Money: Lately, in order to switch the “sync source” in the Control Panel of M-Audio driver v6.

Look in another direction! The sound is more crystalline and more flattering than the but it is all in the same price m-audlo and latency is higher with USB. As these are now legacy products, acquired but with some limitations driver ownership and permissions, perhaps?


Delta Audiophile 2496 ASIO drivers?

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Not much to say after that. The only other cards I’ve had experiences with before this was gaming sound cards primarily “Sound Blaster”. You should be able to run the driver installer from the download, and it should just work though.

Guitarpima Max Output Level: Bundle a complete and prix. Sort by most recent most useful. Latency for I never am able to, I used this card with some free software like ardor, and ma-udio under reaper. I put it on the slot, i installed the driver from the site, because the CD has only for xp and down: Rather than taking a big sound card, I decided to invest in the rest of my studio PC overkill, guitars and basses horny sound and touch, microphone choices relatively large, multi-effect pedal for extension of inputs for the map.