The CD enclosed is for WiFi adaptors and not for the bluetooth. And I’m having a problem with mine also Installs ok in device manager but wont “talk” to my mobile at all, so though I’d update driver acceot I need a security key form widicom, so I have t key in the Mac ID of the BT dongle, but it tells me it’s wrong, even though I am looking exactly where they tell me to. If I try to upload a file to my Motorola larger than kb e. Sorry If I got a little hostile, Its just that I hate spending money on stuff that doesnt work. The following error or errors occurred while this message: The software on the installation cd seems to be for something completely different so I’d downloaded the bluetooth drivers from msi’s website but still no luck.

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Right-click that device and select Uninstall.

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Where can I find a driver for my bluetooth MSI3X btoes device compatible with 64 bit.

The instal crashed and yet it is working now. Isnt there any support I could call for this matter. Dude, you’re making a fool out of someone, here. I can’t figure it out either, I think I’ve tried almost everything. After several hours trying to get BToes to work in Windows XP Pro, with problems similar to those described above, I seem to have finally succeeded in getting it to mmsi.


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MSI Btoes – BlueTooth PC2PC USB Dongle

Please give me some advice. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem Installed the older software Came on CD all goes well until you restart – computer is unable to detect usb device. Anybody already got a solution? BToes should now work.

I tried it three times on and it worked everytime. Hi bluegooth all BToes specialists and Bluetooth specialists, I had no problem to install the dongle but after the installation I lost my Internet connection which was on another Network card which is connected to a cable modem.

Can somebody tell MSI about this coz their website doesn’t even have an online tech support for some of their products?!?! I thought “heck, i doesnt matter if it doesnt work, I’ll just contact support”. I try 3 same peaces and all are the same I’ve tried them on XPpro and Win I am getting a message which says “Your device could not be installed, an error occured, the required section could not be found in the INF” Any ideas?


And I was able to solve it this way: Save the key to a file, e. MSI sell this stuff, but doesn’t help at all bluetioth you have trouble!

Any suggestions would be welcome. Install BToes software as per instructions. Click Next and select “Don’t search. I’m really getting pissed!

Support For Btoes XMicro | MSI Global

I have also disconnected my internet connection during the driver installation. However I keep getting BTstackserever errors. Though there seem to be a problem, I cant transferr any file bigger than kb. When installing the Bluetooth Software 1. Remove your network cable, or your wireless blueooth

Power down the compurer and THEN connect the dongle.