Sam December 3, , 6: I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up. Tengo un modem Scientific Atlanta EPC y quiero desconectar el cable del modem pero la tuerca no gira y si lo fuerzo gira un poco la pieza en la que se rosca y tengo miedo de romperlo. Zak May 3, , 5: What can possibly be the problem? Aaron Malawey June 25, , 4: Who is your ISP?

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La otra si tiene. Deseo configurar el puerto USB de mi modem dpx para poder salir por ahi a Internet pero no encuentro los Drivers para instalarlos alguien tendra por ahi los drivers para configurar el puerto USB del Modem. Por favor si alguien sabe como entrar a la configuracion del modem, que me pase como debo entrar ya he probado con varias IP en el explorer, Viral Panchal April 21, Cable Modem Admin Page: I have a modem from Cox, and my computer is getting internet off the USB cable but not from the Ethernet adapter.


Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Scientific Atlanta DPC

Is anyone else having this problem? Jim November 11,2: Yes i am having erros on the xbox consule saying mtu settings need to be the minimum of and i was wondering if yaw can change my mtu settings.

What could possible be the problem? Joshua Embrey September 5,5: Please see other interesting auctions by JGrit. Re response by Ross McKillop Light comes on when power is plugged into modem. Only a power switch would be an improvement imho.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Scientific Atlanta DPC2100

Es posible conectar 1 pc por puerto Weebstar y la otra por cable ethernet, o placa de red? Watches Sports Watches Leather Watches. MaT December 25, The only problem with your comment s is that you listed the appropriate HTTP but your original IP address was the correct one, not the finalized one you listed.

There seems to be a resynchronization problem whenever the modem experiences a little disturbance. Ken September 20,7: If you check Kevin October 2,4: I also have the DPC cable modem and have recently swiched computers spc2100 Vista x64 bits.

I am hooked up to the computer thru the usb port but can not get it going with my ehternet hub. Amir October 25, I also tried the trick of the laptop as a wireless adapter but didnt work. Some of them will lock a modem to only work with a specific MAC address, and since your modem was or may have been?


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Maybe I need to flash it, is this possible at all? How do I fix this? The Ethernet cord works on my friends computer but not mine. For a computer idiot this question should be answered in youe advice, dont you think, because its the first thing that someone wants to do after their internet provider has fobbed them off with a non-wireless set-up!!!!

Rhys July 5,1: Soemone Jimmy said that the local IP was Ross Gilchrist December 29,8: